Hand-Made Hats bySnugbug

Made in Nepal and the UK using the finest quality wool and fleece available, our hats are environmentally sustainable and produced under excellent working conditions.

Welcome to Snugbug

There's a big difference between a Snugbug hat and just any old hat.  Our hats are special. They are lovingly crafted where good working conditions are paramount and environmental impact is minimised.

All our knitted hats are hand made in Nepal, and our fleece range right here in the UK.

We use 100% New Zealand wool in the knitted range of hats. This top quality wool had a naturally high lanolin content and makes it repel rain and snow exceptionally well. The Polartec fleece lining is the lightest and warmest fleece available which is, of course, why we use it.

We take the utmost care to select colours and designs that will keep you looking stylish and feeling snug, from the chilliest mountain peak to the most windswept shore.

If you want to chat hats please give us a call.